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My art practice has been evolving into an exploration of issues of gender and the human condition. I use emotional and sensuous connotations, which I translate by choosing elements and exploring their possibilities in not just painting but photography, sculpture and video. 
I question the conditioned cultural roles of women while expressing the unending repetitive feminine tasks of adornment, of providing love and warmth, of repeatedly repairing objects and relations, of innocent acts of silent violence towards one’s own self and others, while confirming to the culturally defined roles. My works deal with feelings of emptiness that we live with due to living lives of blatant repetition.
I paint Images of jumbled, entangled threads on canvas. The ‘thread’ at times symbolizes the social fiber and other times, draws reference to the blood vessels or the umbilical chord. The threads, throbbing with life create intricate, swirling patterns, which are both shocking and compelling. They twist and turn infinitely into a cycle of decay and repair. 
The thread consumes or cuts into the body of the very instrument, which appears to cut them making the instrument worthless.
The tool loses its function and purpose.
I make huge fiberglass sculptures of these ‘useless’ tools or instruments dripping with threads transforming into absurd symbols of gentle pathos and humor. I am dealing with the idea of futility, uselessness and loss of purpose in these works caused due to adhering to societal roles.
I photograph my hands and feet as they are the ‘visibly functional’ parts of our body, the human tools and use them in my Images performing acts. The body appears in my work too but mostly as a garment, I work between the presence and the absence of it along with drawing a reference to sewing the skin or the body with the thread as if repairing the tear, the wound, the incision. The wound and its repair draw references to silent violence and its pain and the need to deal with it .
 I often employ the image of sewing, knitting using the related tools in my work as it has connotations with warmth, home, protection and childhood also due to the cultural preconceptions surrounding it. My work subverts these preconceptions and the notion of the image as being passive and benign. The works further enlarges the idea of repair and the unending repetitive feminine tasks.
I exploit the idea of repetition by working in multiple images and repeating elements. My Videos also explore the idea of doing things repeatedly.
The work is developing specifically in to highlighting the repetitive tasks of repair, adoration, adornment, mothering and the emptiness that comes with it. The helpless inability to lead to change and the silent inherent violence are my areas of challenge and inquiry.
I have been creating large scale sculptures in fiberglass and wood along with paintings, photographic installations and videos.